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Default 4th of July Brisket Pron

I suspect we will have a few of these threads.

Started with a Excel brand choice grade packer, just under 17 pounds. Had a bit of a gash in the flat which, fortunately, did not run too deep.

Got it trimmed up and rubbed last night and pulled out it this morning to touch up as the smoker came up to temp.

Into the smoker at 250 with oak for the smoke.

I remember seeing burnt ends with melting garlic in the APL book and figured it would be as good as time as any to give is a shot.

Garlic, salt, crushed red pepper, rosemary, and thyme.

Covered it with EVOO and into the smoker the smoker it went.

After about 2 and half hours here is how it looked. The garlic was very soft.

After the brisket was done, I gave it about an hour or so to rest and got the burnt ends going and the flat sliced.

When the burnt ends finished up I went ahead and tossed the garlic cloves in with them.

They were great but so farking rich that I needed something to offset things a bit so that I would be able to overeat.

Toasted a roll and sliced some goat cheese.......well, tried to slice goat cheese, it was a bit soft.

Oh man, was that good, I told myself to only eat half of the sandwich, but that didn't happen.

Thanks for looking, hope you have/had a great 4th.

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