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Default Lesson Learned - Don't Fix What Ain't Broke

I did a practice comp cook with two 9 lb butts and a 15 lb packer. I have dialed in my ribs at 270 (took a 3rd two weeks ago. I usually cook my butts and brisket at 240. Since I cook all three in one smoker (BWS) I decided to cook the butts and brisket at 270. Tel-Tru and DigiQ temps were dead on 270 for the whole cook and water pan was full and kept full.

I cooked on the racks for 4 hours and then panned and wrapped in foil (I never foil butts). After two hours I probed the butts and they were like butter. I vented and then put in the Cambro. The brisket went another hour and it was butter. I trimmed off the point for burnt ends. Flat went in Cambro. After another hour I took all out of Cambro to slice and pull. The butts and brisket were overdone. Brisket was like a pot roast, the butts pulled great but the money muscle was mush.

Don't ask me temps cause I am a probe like buttah cook. Should have stuck with my 240 temp technique and learn to cook ribs at 240.
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