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Originally Posted by Vision View Post
I have yet to figure mesquite out. Sometimes I wonder if there are different species of it like cherry.

A few years ago while visiting a resort near Phoenix, I stepped outside while we were waiting to be seated for dinner. I'll never forget it. The air was perfumed with a magnificent smell. It's hard to describe- there were scents I'd never experienced before. It was surreal and grabbed everyone waiting to experience it. Went back inside and asked the guy who said, "we have a fire pit outside and they're burning mesquite."

I've never had anything in my pit come close to smelling like that. Even green mesquite. Some of the bag chunks have almost been off putting.
thats because they were probably cooking with the real deal honey mesquite from west texas. so many people get the mesquite cousin which is huisache and acacia and think its mesquite but jokes on them. gotta be careful because store bought marketing rules and laws are very vague and have lots of gray areas. we dont have much access to the real deal down here in central texas, but we have a crap load of pecan and post oak, which alot of west texas people and other states wish they had. to this day the best bbq i have ever eaten was cooked with honey mesquite cooked over wood that was burned down to coals.
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