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I have yet to figure mesquite out. Sometimes I wonder if there are different species of it like cherry.

A few years ago while visiting a resort near Phoenix, I stepped outside while we were waiting to be seated for dinner. I'll never forget it. The air was perfumed with a magnificent smell. It's hard to describe- there were scents I'd never experienced before. It was surreal and grabbed everyone waiting to experience it. Went back inside and asked the guy who said, "we have a fire pit outside and they're burning mesquite."

I've never had anything in my pit come close to smelling like that. Even green mesquite. Some of the bag chunks have almost been off putting.

Had it rained earlier? The creosote bushes after a rain produce one of the greatest smells on earth. It's heavenly. I have 3 mesquites in my backyard and haven't noticed any smell from them. My creosote bush is a different story.
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