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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Originally Posted by floydo View Post
thanks for the feedback.

not sure about the fat melting. maybe i'll dab it once with a paper towel and see if I can figure that out.

but now i'm lookin' AND touchin'. EEK !

temp is another issue.

I have one probe reading 275 and another reading 235....which is much closer to the 240 on the candy thermometer dropped into the top vent.
I have the maverick 732....but the spare probe reading hot ( 275) is from a 73.
maybe the maverick 73 probe is not compatible ?
either that or one of the probes is bad
Stop over thinking a very simple thing "cooking a hunk of meat!!" Get 1 thermometer to monitor the pit temp on the grate and let it cook. If you where cooking it in your old lady's oven would you have all that crap on your meat??? The only difference is the heat source. Fire management wins the day my friend. Relax go have two beer and show me a cooked Brisket.
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