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Originally Posted by Seefyre View Post
I must say I was cringing seeing those beautiful chops on the coals like that.

Then I said to myself "yup, he ruined 'em- bone dry and charred"
To be honest, the first time I did this that's just how they came out...dry The method is really just the extreme of Hot n' Fast. For steaks it's pretty straightforward. Cook as normal until the IT is to your liking. I pull them at about 115*-120* and then rest tented for 5-10 minutes. Chops are different. I find the thicker the better. For some reason chops give a a false IT reading when I probe them while on the coals. The pen tells me they are cooler than what they actually are. Here is were probing for doneness like a Chef would check steaks makes it easier. The gooshier they are the more rare they are. I tired something different this time and pulled them when they were probing about 100*-120* but were still soft in the center. Then I put the grate back on, closed the bottom vents and let them come up to temp on the cool side of the grill. When checked with my pen, the IT and a touch test were more in sync. The results this time were a nicely blackened outside and a very juicy center. This time it worked out perfectly. So steaks run different than pork. Oh and if you're going to try this at home, which I highly advise you do. Make sure the steak you are using is thick and a choice cut at least. I've tried the cheaper cuts and the results are less than stellar. If you did this your first time there would never be a second. So, go out and get some really nice fat choice beef tenderloins about 8 oz each and go Caveman. Get ready for the most flavorful, juiciest steak of your life. Oh and anything above rare, and medium rare is pushing it will also affect the overall flavor experience. Next up is maybe chicken thighs or a Tr-Tip.
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