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Default Mesquite Smoke Underrated?????

Just thought I would see if I'm all alone on something

I know that Mesquite wood has the reputation of being good for grilling but bad for smoking. I would have to agree with this if we are talking about smoking for extended periods of time. That being said, I have been using Mesquite to smoke butts and briskets for a few years, but I only use it at the beginning of the cook. Usually this is on a UDS, or WSM or any other cooker in which a minion style burn is used. What I do is after the coals are lit and at the same time that the meat goes on, I take the biggest handful of Mesquite chips and drop them in a pile right on the burning coals. What I get from this is about 20-30 minutes of Mesquite smoke that burns very cleanly. It is recognizeable as Mesquite by the smell, but its much nicer and actually kinda sweet smelling. After that burns up the rest of the smoke comes from whatever other wood that I mixed in with the coals before lighting.

I really like the results when I do this. I can't honestly say that I can pick out the mesquite flavor in the finished product, but it just seems to give it a more pronounced smoke flavor without being harsh. I think if I used much more than I do it wouldn't work out so well.

So how bout it? Anybody else like Mesquite?
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