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Thanks for the responses so far. If I get the Performer I would probably give away or sell my OTS. On the Performer, having the coal bin right there and the propane start seems so convenient that I could come home from work and be grilling something in the same amount of time and slightly more effort than it takes to get my gas grill up and running.

I've been using mostly briqs so far b/c that's what the smokenator recommended using for consistency, etc. I find I can go several hours with one load of coals but I have to poke around and shake off ash buildup or else the fire starts to die out.

On the Akorn, if you put a water pan and a deflector of some kind, is it basically similar to a WSM setup at that point? Then for searing and grilling, I could light and spread the coals on an upper level.

I think at this point I'm leaning towards keeping the OTS and then buying the Akorn.

I guess the key question is, for those of you who have a kettle and an Akorn, what kind of cooks would you opt for the kettle over the Akorn?
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