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Default Should I buy an Akorn or Weber Performer?

I currently own a OTS and have been using it more and more the last 2 years and getting some great results so I figured it was time to upgrade. I have a smokenator setup and when doing longer cooks I usually use that. I've been getting great results so far, but the longest cook I've ever done was around 6 hours and I had to tinker a lot with the coals to get rid of ash, add water to the pan, etc. to help it along.

I want to venture into the world of briskets and want to be able to do longer or overnight cooks without having to mess around with it too much. Was considering a WSM but then settled down on getting a Performer Platinum. It seemed more versatile, plus the conveniences of having the table, the propane start, the coal bin, lid holder, etc seemed to make a lot of sense.

Then I started reading about the Akorn grills. And watching videos online. Now I'm thinking maybe this is what I want- pardon me... NEED. So I'm trying to figure out the pros and cons of a kettle setup vs. the Akorn. As far as I can tell, the Akorn can do everything the kettle can, maybe better. The main downside I see is that the cooking space is smaller for a direct grill situation. I've heard tales of people going 16 hours on one load of coals. Is this truth or legend?

What else do I need to consider in this decision? I guess I always have my OTS if I need to cook something on a kettle.


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