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I'd heartily recommend a good stand up mixer.

It is GREAT for kneading large bits of dough, just be careful not to over mix for certains types of breads.

If you want to do light sausage making, the attachments are good for that (assuming a kitchen aid). They make their attachments out of plastic, so, if you're doing heavy duty meats that are very tough, can overdo it..and if on a smaller unit, you can strip the gears out on it.

I bought a 3/4 LEM meat grinder for doing sausages...and retired the component of the Kitchen Aid mixer. The grater is fantastic...I use that for making lots of cole slaw quickly...the grinder attachment is also good for making raw cranberry relishes, etc.

If you can, get the highest level with the strongest motor and capacity you can afford.

I have an older smaller one...and it is going strong still after about 30+ years use...only fixed once when I stripped the gears as mentioned earlier.

It is a kitchen tool I get a lot of use out of...highly recommended.
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