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Default Help with Combo brisket and ribs in WSM

First I would like to thank you all for the information you have shared here over the years. Great forum.
I’m fairly new at this, and wouldn’t have gotten even this far without you.
My first Post.

My questions relate mostly to cooking and wrapping a brisket…………….. when cooking brisket and ribs in combination. It's my first brisket.
Cooking on 22.5 WSM.

First a quick question about the rub for the brisket .
I added a few tablespoons of coarse pepper, some garlic, and a very little bit of cayenne and cumin to a cup of bovine bold.
Apologies to the plowboys if that’s an offense. Hope not. I love their rubs and used bovine bold on a butt last year that was beyond delicious .

Anyway…………does this rub mod sound ok for brisket ? If it is an ok start, would you use that alone………. or use it light to moderately and then add another layer of coarse pepper……..or of coarse pepper AND salt.

If I’m going to add some ribs to the cook a few hours before dinner, would it make sense to wrap the brisket at the appropriate time and add some hickory and/or peach to the fire for the ribs ? With the Idea being that the foil will both hasten the cook and protect the brisket from the additional smoke. Or would you just forget about the wrap and love the smoke ?

As for the ribs, I guess I was thinking about wrapping the baby backs after 2 hours ( 2-2-1 ) . The only spares I could find were previously frozen and I stayed away . Picked up the baby backs instead. Good choice ?

I plan to use a drip pan on bottom shelf of my WSM. Would you put some broth in that at some point and use that broth and dripping mix later for something ?
I assume you do not use THAT pan to wrap the brisket. Just leave that pan where it is and wrap the brisket with some foil ?

Is 240 to 250 degrees about right ( normally shoot for 220 to start for ribs alone ) ? Hoping for a 10 hour cook.

I will try the snake method unless you tell me not to. Used minion for the butt.

Enough questions ?
I'm new at this and would really appreciate your thoughts.

By the way............It’s a 6 pound piece of meat. The thinner part of the flat was removed by the butcher at my request ……………to save a few bucks ( the only decent piece I could find up here in NH was $6.50 a pound.) . So it’s now 1.5 to 2 inches thick at the flat end. Ok ?
The point end was already cut back before the meat was originally packed, but there is still some left for burnt ends or whatever. I haven’t found a source for a full packer up here in the north country.

Thanks so much for any help.


Stay smoky my friends
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