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Originally Posted by CraigC View Post
Great. You have one person Knocking the BBQ style of another culture and you like that information. So much for open minded cusine.
I wasn't knocking any style of cooking. in fact I didn't say one way or another what choice His information help lead me to.

The information he provided told me several things about that Cajun microwave.

1. that the food in his experience has a lower amount of smoke flavor.

2. a good injection is needed

3. it is a Good radiant cooker

4 It does a butterfly hog fast

5. he doesn't care for it much

Since one of the reasons I was asking about it was for a small hog, his answers where most helpful. since I would be injecting the hog, and he mentioned it does a hog fast.

I also plan on using it to cook a few items outside during the heat of the summer so the fact that there is a low smoke flavor can be a bonus when doing some things that I just don't want much of a smoked taste to.

So yes, based on what may have sounded like a "dig" at the Cajun cooker, really isn't... This cooker will fit a need I have, and the answers given help me reach that conclusion. So yes they where helpful.

And thank you for reminding me that BBQ, in all its forms and styles is a subject that people are passionate and vocal about. In my opinion that's a good thing, it helps push us all to try new things and to improve.
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