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Default BBQ food truck questions?

So my mother is retiring in a couple months and is under the impression that she can't take it all with her. Which I'm like hell yeah! She is liquidating a few assets and wants to help my sister and I each start our own business. This came about at a Cookoff, I was being asked all kinds of questions by her and was like "why are you asking me all these questions?" Then she told me about her plan. I was like OMG! I don't wanna work at Home Depot all of my life. The only reason I took this job was for the set schedule, vacation all and sick days. I used to be in the restaurant scene. Worked at Applebee's as a bartender amd moved up to kitchen manager. Worked at Chilis as a bartender and became the bar manager. Had extremely good #'s thanks to some business classes I took alon the way at blinn college. I feel extremely confident in this venture and have it all planned out. I would like some of the vendors that do BBQ, sandwiches, sides, catering to chime in and lemme know if I'm missing anything on this truck. At first I plan on using my vault and adding it to a cpt-1 double tandem Pitmaker trailer with a magnum sniper and insulated firebox, towing it and cooking on site. If its as busy as I hope I want to run a double magnum sniper and double vault setup. I have eaten at every BBQ Mecca in Texas and know I can produce the same results. a place right down the road that my buddy manages said i could buy all the meats from him at a few cents/# over cost. Our city has lots of events and cities neighboring have even more. Here is the finished quote and layout.

This is the exterior of the truck but it will have our BBQ logo on it.
Will be serving pinto beans, my moms top secret cole slaw, fries, stuffed pulled pork potatoes, pulled pork sandwiches, brisket, sliced brisket sandwiches, and at bigger events the infamous Disneyland turkey legs, and ribeye blt's. Not pictured will be a butter bath bun toaster for final sandwich assembly.

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