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No I am cooking 4 maybe 6 briskets at home before I load in at the venue. This should be enough to start with since most people don't come until mid afternoon. I'll be loading the fec120 and my jumbo offset with butts and briskets after I get there Sat. am. I'm buying 4 cases of brisket and 6 cases of pork butts. If I get close to running out I can always go back to restaurant depot or Sam's early Sunday morning. I don't know how many food vendors are attending the event organizers said it would be less than the last year. The part I don't like is they won't allow you to keeps your vehicle onsite because having a refrigerated truck would be a big help. I am limited to what I can keep iced down in 3 150 qt coolers. In addition I am also vending sausages , chicken tenders, and hand cut fries.
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