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Originally Posted by HBMTN View Post
I am not charging a $245 fee for on site. Basically based on 100 people that is all the more I am grossing and then the costs come out of that. Here in rural Va ya can't get away with much higher prices I started out 3 years ago charging $12.50pp for pulled pork and 2 sides. It was not until I dropped the price that I started getting busy. That is kinda what I am wondering, I ask more for on site but still sell them on the drop off if they think the on site is too much.
Hmm, if that is the most you feel you can charge for drop off than I would make that my standard offer and way of doing business, and then if somebody really wants to value added services of on site service then I would make it a pretty decent sized upcharge. Don't make it just a small nominal charge. For a 2.50 upcharge like you have that includes the help you brung, paper products, sternos, setup, and cleanup, there is no way I would not go that route, and in the end you do a few more hours work for very little if any extra gain. Make the upcharge more, the people who really want it will spring for it, and those cheapskates will think they are getting a bargain with just dropping off.

Obviously I don't know your market but fwiw overall your numbers just seem too low to me. I am a big believer in knowing your worth, and letting others know your worth. Whenever I quote anything, I ALWAYS include a prepared paragraph with my story, awards, training, media exposure, as well as what separates me from the crowd. I pretty much say "hay I ain't the cheapest option you will find for your event, BUT....." and I say how we make everything from scratch, source the best products from the top vendors, use top of the line equipment, been doing this how many years, don't use anything premade, its a labor of love and passion, etc. I am letting them know I am worth what I charge, and also putting in their heads in a subtle way why the other quotes she may get may not be as good a deal and why are they so cheap, all without actually talking trash on anyone which I would never do. Also, as professional as possible pics of some of your food, one thing that is pretty much a sure thing, the cheap guy will also have a cheap presentation of himself and his food.

Just some random thoughts fwiw. Good luck!
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