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Originally Posted by caseydog View Post
How long were they in the danger zone?

Both of those cuts of pork are going to be cooked to WAY above 160 degrees for quite some time. Bacteria can't handle that kind of heat for that length of time.

The smell test is not going to be definitive, because pork from a cryovac package usually smells a bit foul when you pull it out of the bag. If you rinse it good in water, that smell should mostly go away. If you rinse it well, and it still smells foul, you should be wary. If it smells like meat after rinsing, you should be okay.

Again, you have a bit more wiggle room with pork ribs and pork butt, since you are going to cook them to 200 degrees IT, or more.

Those temps you posted wouldn't bother me, if they weren't at those temperatures all day. At some point, every piece of meat we cook is in the danger zone for a period of time.

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