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Originally Posted by Big_Alvin View Post
i did a 7lb flat last weekend. put it on a 22" WSM with temp in the 260-ish range fat side up. i checked it at 6 hours and much to my surprise it was probe tender and internal temp was 195. So i pulled it, wrapped it in foil and placed it in a cooler and covered in towels. Carved it about 5 hours later and it was still hot and very juicy. i usually do whole packers but could only get a flat that day. no injection just dry rub.
^^^ What he said. I'm all about the KISS method.

That is exactly what I do, except on a UDS, and my brisket is very juicy.

If its drying out, it may come from being on too long. A flat will be pretty quick, compared to a packer. IMHO.
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