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Default Help! Danger Zone question...

Possible idiot move here, but... I bought a bunch of ribs, each individually vacuum packed. I put them in a cooler with ice and then did a bunch of errands. When I got back, I realized that I hadn't put enough ice in there. The ribs on the top were at about 40-41 degrees, which I know is on the bottom of the "danger zone." I don't know how long they'd been at that temp.

I am assuming a few things. Let me know what you think, and any thoughts are appreciated.

1.) The ribs hadn't been at 40-41 for very long because I assume the temp in the cooler had been rising slowly while the ice melted.

2.) The vacuum packing helps to prevent bacteria growth in the meat??? Does that mean a vacuum packed piece of meat is more bacteria resistant than one that is not?

I also had a pork shoulder that was at 45 degrees. I figure that one may be a goner. What do you think?

Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
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