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Originally Posted by JohnHB View Post
Hi Bucc
I am changing my view on the amount of marbling in a tri tip.
About a month ago I posted a thread (
I put six Waghu tri tips (9.5kg - 21lbs in total) on sous vide at 55C (131F) and will pulled out after 10 hours. I iced them down, put five in freezer and took one for Sunday's lunch. The Waghu was 9+ marbling and was on grain for 600 days.
I have subsequently eaten/served four of the tri tips after heavy searing. There is no question they are tender & have great flavour and texture HOWEVER the fat has got to me. I now find I cannot eat other than a small potion. This is not like me - I generally love the fatty bits be it on beef, lamb or pork. In conclusion I will not seek (or pay the premium price) for 9+ marbling. What I will buy is meat with good quantity of visible marbling (say3) and that is available in both grass fed and grain fed beef.
I respect this judgement call.
You won't find many thread of me cooking and eating wagyu in the western style.
I like it sliced thin and cooked over the hibachi with thin slices of pumpkin, sweet potato, eggplant and zucchini, or dipped in hot water for Shabu Shabu,John.

Btw the end of the Tri tip turned out the be marbles well, not too fatty and tasty.
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