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Originally Posted by BBQ Bandit View Post
There are several quality made smokers you listed. Each has their own personalities and hot and cold temp zones. Out of them - will be 2 common facts.

Stickburners require often temp monitoring... feeding the fire every 30-45 minutes. Factor that into your overnight scenarios.

Buy the thickest steel you can afford.
Klose pits offer 1/2" thick firebox and Jambo pits has the insulated firebox for efficiency.

If you value an evening's rest and will not tend the fire thru the nght... you might be disappointed in an offset smoker.
^ Really good points but IMHO there is just something special about cooking with wood and it is really hard to beat a quality RF offset stickburner. You might also want to read up a little on hot-n-fast cooking. I'm a convert and have not been up all night tending my RF stickburner for months; brisket to butts in less than 8 hours (you still have to monitor your fire but not necessarily overnight).

PS: you might want to take a look/search for fellow brethren TuscaloosaQ's pits.
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