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Found some matches.
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My problem is Friday between noon and 6pm I have to setup my smokers on site . after 6pm vendors aren't allowed back until 6 am. Saturday and have to be ready to serve by 11:30. I'll plan on cooking 4 to start with Thursday night. When I return Saturday i'll need to reheat those as needed. Then I guess load up the fec120 with a full load of meat. Now @ 10pm the festival is done for the day and vendors aren't allowed back until 8am. Sunday so that means I have to cook for Sunday before I leave take the food home to refrigerate come back and reheat. This seems like a nightmare to me . I'll double foil with broth or some au jus. This festival dreww over 500K last year and the promoters expect the same this year but they don't have as many vendors. I just hope I can keep the beef moist and tender. The Pulled pork I can just pull and half sauce and water then refrigerate over night that usually works.
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