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I've been on a BBQ-Brethren hiatus for several months due to different work schedule, family additions, etc. I've spent the last few days searching for this recipe and came across so many other sauces that looked good, but weren't quite this.

I used this several months ago for pulled pork and it's delicious! I'm not a vinegar-based bbq sauce fan, as I prefer a sweeter, thicker sauce, but I drizzle just enough of this sauce in a batch of pulled pork to give a subtle, tangy zest to the meat. Not enough to kick you in the teeth, just enough to enhance the flavor to detect a difference between sauced meat and un-sauced. I still top with a sweet bbq sauce for that perfect contrast.

Big thanks for this recipe. It'll be a hit on two Boston butts this weekend during the Independence Day festivities, no doubt.
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