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Default I'm looking for a specific Carolina vinegar sauce recipe

I haven't been around much lately, due to not having the time, but I've been Q'ing my arse off on my UDS that I built thanks to this forum.

I remember a few months ago coming across a Carolina vinegar sauce recipe that everyone seemed to really praise. I tried it on pulled pork and holy hell it made the perfect pulled pork even better! I still have some, but I'm worried about it not being good any more. I'm picking up two 7 lb Boston Butts to smoke for my friends and family gathering this Friday to celebrate my brother's birthday as well as Independence Day.

I would like to make a fresh batch, but using the internal search and Google search isn't bringing up what I'm after. Most of the results are for homemade Carolina vinegar-based BBQ sauce. What I'm after is a vinegar sauce recipe that's made by a user here and the only helpful info I can provide is that multiple people seem to praise "[Dude's name here]'s Carolina Vinegar Sauce Recipe".

Does this sound familiar to any one?
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