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Is lookin for wood to cook with.

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If you don't see the chef chop or slice your serving how can you tell if its from the flat or burnt ends?

Originally Posted by jasonjax View Post
Please take note there is a difference between sliced. (the flat) and what folks refer to as "burnt ends" (from the point).

One might look at those chunks that are actually sliced usually into cubes and think that it is chopped.

That said, I am in agreement that sliced is the way to go. If a brisket gets overcooked to the point the slices will not hold up without starting to fall apart then the next step to salvage the meat would be to chop or pull it.

I've screwed up a brisket or two (or half a dozen) myself where I either overcooked, rested too long and it kept cooking etc. where I had to fall back to making a lot of it chopped rather than sliced proper.

If you add enough juice back into it you can still get a tasty product, but the texture will be mostly lost.
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