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Default Doing a Hot and Fast Brisket this week (friday)

so the process will attempt to go something like this...

1. Pull out of fridge thursday trim fat, inject with Beef Stock, worsey, soy, evoo mixture (if my Butchers BBQ injection doesnt come in time)
2. Slather with some EVOO and rub it down
3. Wrap it up and put her to bed until about 4 am Friday
4. Get up at 4am fire up the smoker and give it an hour and change to come up to 300 degrees
5. throw meat on smoker at 300 and watch the temps in flat and point for 170 degrees
6. At 170 degrees pull it out and toss in some BP and take it to around 203-205 and start probing for tenderness.
7. When tenderness is achieved pull it drain it wrap it in a towel or 2 and toss in cooler for 2-3 hours.

I am estimating about 6-8 hours for this cook.

Heres the player

13.84 Packer

Nice thick flat and good marbeling

Look at the pliability on this bad boy

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