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Welcome to your new addiction. I got started the same exact way you did, with not being able to shake the thought that I wanted to smoke meat. Built my Mini and started with a pork butt.

Great looking first cook, the one minor flaw that I see in your cooking process is cooking by internal temperature. Internal Temperature is a guide for doneness but the true test is by feel. A pork butt is done when you wiggle the bone and it starts to release with very little effort. Ribs are done when they past the bend test or you can use the toothpick test. Brisket is done when it probes like butter in the thickest parts of the flat.

Also since you are new to BBQ. Definitely keep your process the same until you know the textures of what the done meat is. After that start playing around with different temperatures ranges to find where you prefer to cook and also if you get time crunch cooks you know how to time your cooks accordingly with the temperature you want to cook at.

P.S. after you take the meat off the smoker, you can still open the foil to look at it. Just after you are done looking at it and testing for doneness wrap it up in the foil again. ;)
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