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Originally Posted by jmoney7269 View Post
6lb flat took 9 hrs @ 315?
are you sure you were running 315? that baby should have only taken 4 hrs max at that temp. i cook 18lbers that by the time im done trimming the fat and cropping the ends are 11 or so and they are done in 5-6 hrs @300.
the cook looks nice for sure. i have never had brisket hash before. i got a nice 18 lb choice sittin in the deep freeze callin my name, gonna try that out
Definitely 315, I have 2 calibrated thermometers in there and controlled by a digiq. Four hours in, the brisket was only in the 160s. It might be my BGE, but my stuff never cooks as fast as some of the cooks I see here. Low and slow would have taken me 14 hours probably. Some of the edges were inedibly hard, but I waited till the entire flat probed tender.
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