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Default What should my next step be, Jedi Masters?

Hi all,

I've got a few burns of the UDS under my belt. I've attempted a pork butt, spatchcocked and brined some chickens and will complete the golden triangle of meat with a brisket next week. Needless to say, every cook includes a fatty. I'm getting there...

My question is, what should the next step on my journey be?

Redi-Check wireless thermometer

Taking the lid on and off my UDS is a bit of a faff because it's warped. It takes about 5 minutes to get the lid shut and clamped which means checking the temp of my meat is a real pain.

With the Redi-Check, I would only have to open the lid when the meat was done.

Pros: Less faffing, more time drinking beer and watching rugby
Cons: It's 60 in the UK. SIXTY POUNDS!

Weber One Touch

I'm grilling meat on a cheapo generic bbq which has maybe a year or two left in her before she collapses in a heap of ash and grease. I've always fancied a Weber and the kettle lid will come in handy during the UDS cooks.

Pros: I get a Weber. I get quick access to the UDS. It's only 30 more than the thermometer
Cons: Wife's voice "Do you need this? What's wrong with the blue one? Why do you have 3 bbqs? Do you need this? What's wrong with the blue one? Why do you have 3 bbqs? The bathroom needs tiling you know"

Or maybe there is another option that I haven't even considered?

Thanks, guys.
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