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Default Steak (carne asada) Tacos and Tortas and more w/PRON

I made some L.A. street style tacos and tortas (Mexican steak sandwich) over the weekend. These are actually two different cooks over a 2 day span. I'll just jump to the pics.

Thick cut long strips of flap meat from a Mexican market. I usually do my own marination but these guys' meat and seasoning are really good.

Here goes the first batch

The second batch with some corn for later and serrano chilis. When grilled the serranos are out of this world.

Ready to get chopped up

And chopped to make tacos and tortas with

This specific night I sprayed some oil on the hand made tortillas from the same store and let them warm up. Otherwise I throw the tortillas on my griddle and warm them up that way but didn't feel like starting up the griddle this time.

This is how I love my tacos (street style): Meat, onion, cilantro, salsa roja (red hot sauce or salsa verde (green salsa), juice squirted off of a lime wedge. I nibble on the grilled jalapenos or serranos on the side. YUM!

This is slightly different and from the other cook with some home made pico de gallo and guac added to the tacos. I felt like switching it up.

Close up shot of the juicy meat

Now onto the torta and how it usually is sold on the trucks or the streets. Chopped meat, cheese, mayo, tomatoes, avocado, sauce, sometimes whole beans and lettuce

Again, I had to switch it up for the alternate cook and I used spring salad mix for greens and made some with pork (canitas) and some with steak. Basically I grilled the meat about half way on the performer and finished it off on the griddle to toast the bread, melt the cheese and incorporate everthing into a gooey torta sandwich.

I crusted the sandwich on the outside, top and bottom with cheese.

We're ready for the corn

Ehh! Not quite how I want so I "kicked it up a notch" and made "elote" (Mexican style corn on a cob) with mayo,cayenne paprika, chili powder, salt and pepper, I skipped the cheese since I ran out but my bro said by far this is the best corn he's ever had in his entire life.

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