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Default First Q ever with pRon

About 2 weeks ago I got an idea in my head that wouldn't go away even after sleeping on it. I want to start smoking meat. So, I set out to find a inexpensive small family size smoker. After some dig through the internet I decided I would make a mini wsm.


Once I had the smoker built I had to decide what to cook. I decided I would do a boston butt. A trip to the grocery store revealed no butts. Why where there no butts, well because I went to Walmart instead of a store that butchers its own meat.

I settled on a picnic roast. I wasn't sure how to cook it but after reading this forum I quickly found the answer. I brined the shoulder for a few hours then threw a store bought rub on it and let it rest in the fridge for the night.

The next morning I got the mini wsm fired up. Filled it up with charcoal and some pecan wood and set it up to use the minion method to light the coals through the cook. About 45 min later the shoulder went on. I did my best to keep the temps between 200-250. I took a peak at it twice, once at about 3 hours and another at 4 hours.

At about the 6.5 hour mark I took the shoulder off and foiled it. Back on the mini wsm until it hit 195. It took all I had to not unfoil it and take a peak but I didn't. I kept it in the foil, wrapped it in a towel and threw it into a cooler that had just enough room (16qt cooler).

3 hours later it was time to unfoil it and start pulling it apart for dinner. I was worried about it being dry and lacking flavor. I was pleased when it was neiter of the 2. As I was pulling apart the foil there was juice everywhere. Once I got to the meat I was excited.

I finished pulling it and served it to family, 8 of us total. I cooked chicken quarters to go with the pulled pork just in-case I got it wrong. The chicken was never touched. Everyone loved the pork. Only a few felt a need for any bbq sauce.

Thanks for reading. Next Q will be on the 3rd. Going to give ribs a try.


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