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Originally Posted by The Woodman
This varies from state to state. I can cook all on site and as long as I am "under cover" (EZ Ups) I do not need screening. Also, I can set up a table with three plastic tubs (wash, rinse, sanitize) and a handwash station (Igloo with hot water. hand soap, paper towels, covered waste basket, and tub for grey water) and I am good. Coolers with ice to insure cold food is kept cold. The upright on my pit insures hot food stays hot. I LOVE cooking on-site! It is precisely why I bought the big pit! Folks LOVE it when I drive it up and start a fire in it! I can actually justify charging more because I cook on-site!
They get all excited when they pull up and see the smoke wafting from the pit.... and all the gear. People just love it.... and pay for it
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