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Originally Posted by hugin View Post
Trying this experiment as I type, 2 hrs to go, at least until the 4 hr mark.

1st question: What would make it 4.5 versus 4 hours? A little bit bigger piece of meat? Will 30 min make that much of a difference in the result?

2nd question: With the thermostat of the oven going on and off, I think you're really saying that this is as close as we're going to get to an ideal environment. Right? Because the thermostat in the oven cycles the heat on and off, so temps go back and forth from 260-290. I submit that my BGE holds temp more steadily.

At any rate, thanks for this set of instructions. Definitely a good suggestion for someone who has gone from a 'B' to a 'D' to a 'B+" in brisket, and who has tried to learn just what that feel is.
There are too many variables to accredit it to 1 thing; rack position in the oven, accuracy of the thermostat, Grade of beef , Fat content....

Don't be so anal about it it's only BBQ, worrying about such things a temp swing you miss the point of the exercise which is how the meat reacts during the cook. Temp swing is a non issue I run the stick burner from 275-325 very similar or the electric box in you house or an electric smoker or a pellet pooper for that matter.


YOU CAN NOT COOK GREAT BBQ ON A CONSISTENT BASIS BY COOKING TO AN INTERNAL TEMPERATURE OR BY TIME ( XXX MIN PER LB) YOU MUST COOK BY FEEL! For Brisket it must pass the poke test(probe like soft butter in the thickest part of the Flat) Ribs pass the Bend Test, Pork Butts when the bone wiggles loose. These are the only reliable methods to ensure that your cook will be a success. There is one exception to these rules and that is Poultry which must achieve and internal temp of 170 deg in the thickest part of the thigh and 165 in the breast.
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