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Default Beef Ribs & ABTs

It was a nice day for a cook up here in W. Mass and beef ribs and ABTs were on the agenda.

Trimmed most of the hard fat off, ran pretty deep in a couple of spots, which left me with this.

Decent marbling on them compared to the last couple of times I got them.

Hit it with a dose of worcestershire and a fairly heavy coat of rub made up of K. salt, cbp, granulated garlic, and some herbs.

Into the smoker at 250 with oak for the smoke.

As the ribs were doing their things, busted out the homemade bacon for some ABTs

My favorite way to have them is just straight up pepper, cheddar, and bacon, no rub or other things in them.

Threw them in the smoker with the ribs until they looked like this.

When the ribs were about done I hit them with some Beer's Black Dog sauce.......I know, I know.......they don't need sauce, but man, do I love that Beers on beef.

Total cook time on the ribs was around 6 hours........gave them a 15 min rest or so and sliced. They had a real nice color.

I would have taken a group shot of the ribs and ABTs, but the peppers were gone before the ribs finished up.

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