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First welcome! Looks like you're off to a good start, but I agree with others the pipes aren't necessary. Not saying they won't work for you either, just may be over complicating a very simple cooker. As for the red liner, seeing that brings back horrible memories for me. Even with multiple burnouts, chemical strippers etc., I still had to spend the better half of a day laying in my drum with a wire wheel on a grinder getting the rest of that chit off. Only reason I mention it is you need to make sure ALL of it is gone, right down to where the sides meet the bottom and everywhere in between. It sucked so bad removing it that if I had to do it over I would source another drum! As for your intake valve you can get some threaded rod and a coupling nut and make an extension to the top of the drum. Just remove the valve handle, get a rod and coupling nut of the same thread and fashion a simple bracket at the top of the drum and bolt the original valve handle at the top end of the rod with two nuts sandwiching the handle in between. Viola, no more bending over. You can do a search for this mod using the search bar at the bottom. It's a great search feature so keep it in mind for any questions you may have.

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