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Originally Posted by marubozo View Post
I know this doesn't fit some of your requirements, but IMO, household fryers suck. I've got three. Two smaller ones, and one that can deep fry a turkey if I wanted. Other than their initial use, they haven't been used in about two years. If I'm deep frying anything I just dump oil into my enameled cast iron dutch/french oven. It's an incredible multitasker and isn't just some bulky and annoying gadget that takes up a ton of space or is a pain to clean.
Took the words right out of my mouth! I have a "household fryer" with all the accoutrements, and like you, I find I do most frying simply with some oil and a frying pan on my side burner on my gasser. Not that the fryer doesn't work well, it does, but in my experience if the tool isn't within easy reach it doesn't get used, and I simply don't fry enough to warrant having one sit out on the countertop. Plus they're a total pain in the a$$ to clean.

That's just me though, the OP might fry daily, in which case I wish him good health!
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