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Originally Posted by bbqjoe
This has been a topic of discussion for awhile now. I'm sure there are ways of getting around just about anything in this world.

But wouldn't you feel prouder being able to hold your head up high, being able to say "I'm certified, legal, and completley legit. And I earned it!!
thats not the issue
I have no problem paying fees..taking classes.whatever it takes to be compliant..but i dont really have a place to cook thats deemed
health dept approved"..and to cook onsite is not really feasible..i mean im not gonna sit in some other guys backyard with all my bbq equipment and cook butts for 16 hrs
bottom line the health dept would not tell me what i need to do to be was almost like i was insulting this guy to even ask..he even went so far as to say my food was a "deathtrap" based on his own speculation..i figure it would make a good team name though..Death Trap BBQ
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