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Originally Posted by Bludawg View Post
Just an observation( I like this pit by the way) why not forget the water pan and just use the Fire bricks as a heat sink once they get hot and your temp is where you want it, it will take very little fuel to maintain it. Like a Cast iron skillet or putting a hot rock wrapped in your saddle blanket inside your fart sack on a cold night to keep you warm.
^ This is a very good common sense approach, wish I had thought of it when I was cooking in my SS vertical gasser.

What I did do and you might consider, especially if you want some extra moisture in the box, was take the built in full size drip pan, mine was 24" square and 3" deep, line it with foil, add about 2" of sand then add apple juice to saturate the sand and fill the pan to within 1/2" of overflow. It took a while (an hour or so) to get it up to temp, but once there it was rock steady & even. As the apple juice evaporated, the fats rendering from the product fell to the pan adding to the "steam". With all the fat and sugars from the AJ, after the cook and everything was cool, the sand had turned into a relatively solid "brick" making disposal and cleanup pretty simple.
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