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Default Pecan wood...just got...question?

I saw another thread below on another wood but want to seperate and ask this specifically since its different.

I had a friend here about 30 minutes away call me to tell me to cut some full sized pecan trees, 52 to be exact. The catch they were all knocked down from one of the big tornado's that came through in 2011 here in N. Alabama. I went out cut up with big limbs anywhere from a foot to 2 foot wide as well as some smaller branches. Some were on the ground, some not(majority). Brought them home axed them up into manageable sticks and then chunked them up on the compound saw. Most sizes that would be used for vertical/gravity type which I can knock down more for my green egg's and primo xl. I plan on getting the vertical/gravity type soon so I left them bigger. I threw away a couple cuts due to it feeling a little soft but everything I have now seems pretty hard to really hard.

So my question is this all should be good right after them being knocked over and out of the ground for 2 years? And if that is a yes, with the sized chunks they are down to they should already be pretty aged and good to go right? Curious, never cut knocked down ones but couldnt pass up on even a small dent into that still large free patch of pecan trees.
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