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Default My first UDS build

Fellow Brethrens,

My name is Garrett, and I am glad to be a new member of this site. I am a rookie when it comes to the low and slow art of cooking. After many years of tasting other people's good bbq I decided to go-ahead and start learning myself. So I decided to build my very own UDS Smoker and give it a try. Now I may have done a little over kill on my build but I wanted to see how the smoker would turn out. Well here is what I did...

The over kill part I feel was the intake I had a few pieces of 2" sch 40 black pipe that had been threaded. I cut them @ a 45deg angle thinking about air flow lol. Maybe this helped out some or maybe it was a wasted moves...The bad part is it added a weight to it. On my next build I am going to use smaller pipes for intake and turn them up 90deg with a 2 or 3' extension so I will not have to bend over for air adjustment. As of now this pit can build heat up very quickly and it seems to hold a constant temp with little adjustment. This barrel had deiced tomatoes in it and was not concerned about nasty chemicals. I still made 3 very hot burns at or above 500 degrees then seasoned the pit. So this weekend I am going to try a pork butt and see how it turns out. I will post pictures this weekend and see how it turns out.
I look forward to hearing your comments and hope that I can learn from you seasoned vets!
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