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Default Pizza temp control - probes and draft controler

Hope this is not too off topic, but this is my favorite outdoor cooking forum, and since grilling is often mentioned along with BBQing - perhaps baking in an egg is an acceptable question. Trying to budget...

I very likely will be getting a BGE in the next month (probably late next week, but vacation is coming up - so it might get delayed). Trying to figure out what eggcessories I might want. I have a BBQ Guru that I use for my UDS, and will probably use it on my (soon to finish) road MUDS . Which means it will not be available for my wife to use during the week - so not entirely Guru bound.

I love using the guru to turbo my uds to cooking temp. I read tons about doing pizza on an egg, and a draft control just seems like a natural thing to do this with. That said - almost no cheep probes will take those temps (some K Probes will do it). Is there a way to use a high temp (K probe) with a Guru, or am I destine to be a Stoker owner. Likewise, if I want a dumb digital - I know I can get a K Probe thermometer. I assume a remote is not really viable (any would cost as much as the Stoker).

Anyway, how do people handle temp when "BBQing" a pizza.
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