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Default Dented cans

Dented cans. Occasionally we come across dented cans. Some places even specialize in them offering them at low prices.

I'm not talking about leaking cans.

The question is this: Are dented cans okay to use?
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The answer here is no.
A dented can can bring on a good case of botulism, or possibly somthing else other than an "off" taste.
Maybe only one in a thousand dented cans becomes poisonous. But remember, very rarley are you going to be able to detect it such as Chef described.
Chances are good that you have a chioce. You're right there at the grocery store. Put back that dented one and get a good one. Or send that bent can back to your supplier. You don't have to accept it.

If you are in the food biz and the health inspector sees a shelf full of dented cans it might not be pretty for you.

So, if only say, one in a thousand is bad, is it really worth the risk to save fifty cents.

It's like playing with a loaded gun.

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