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Originally Posted by Mrpotamus View Post
That looks great. Can you let us know the amount you used of each ingredient?

*14 Thai hot chili peppers
*1 chopped large yellow onion
*1 cup fresh lime juice (I used 8 limes)
*1 bulb of garlic (the bulb I used had 11 cloves)
*1 cup of unchopped flat leaf parsley
*1/2 cup white wine vinegar
*2 Tbs kosher salt
*4 Tbs smoked sweet paprika

Originally Posted by seattlepitboss View Post
Sure seems to me that piri piri sauce should have piri piri peppers (aka birds beak peppers) in it.

I guess in your haste to see the photos (!), you and buccaneer forgot to read the text:

Unfortunately, I could not source any African Birds Eye chili's, so I had to make due with Thai hot chili peppers.
Real African Birds Eye chili peppers (not the Mexican Chile de arbol/birds beak pepper) would have been great...
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