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Originally Posted by JohnMcD348
I have the same problem as you DJ. Sometimes my hands are so bad in gloves that they actually mottle(sp?) like they've been in the tub for hours. You just have to find gloves that you can work with. With me, standard latex type gloves just won't work. They won't go on, they're like trying to get a small wetsuit onto a 400 lb man. Nitrile gloves are just as bad becuase they don't stretch. I hae a 9+ size had and een the XL size of most gloves are too small. I found a certain type that the hospital I work at has to special order for me. They're Polychloroprene instead of Nitrile. They're strethier than Latex and synthetic. They just cost more than most other types. The hospital originally wasn't willing to get them until I started using Sterile surgical gloves for each individual patient contact. Then, they saw the fiscal reality of the need for those gloves. BIIGGG Price difference there.
My hands are also large and sweat alot. So much so that I need to change gloves every hour or so because of the liquid build up. Do the Polychloroprene gloves notably help prevent sweating? If so, where can they be ordered economically?

So far I've only used the el cheapo clear gloves and the more expensive latex ones.

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