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Originally Posted by Lake Dogs View Post
I'm thinking this (above) could be a huge mistake. First, know that any rub or injection that has much salt at all will be amplified the longer it's left in the meat. Then, please know that Chris Lilly's recipe is known to be extremely, and I really mean EXTREMELY salty.

For what it's worth, most competitors inject, and most inject using their own version of Chris Lilly's published injection. They're simple, and less salty. Most are simply apple juice (un-watered and no need to add back additional sugar), worchestershire (which has a little salt already), and some of their rub. Rubs usually have some salt in them; the combination of this and the worchestershire usually does the trick.

Frankly, in the morning, I go light the fire, then I come back and inject my butts and briskets, then I apply the rubs, then I go move the lit coals into the smoker. 45 minutes later, give or take, the smoker is ready temperature wise and I put the meats in at that time. Usually the meat has been injected all of 1 hour to 1.5 hours.

Uggg.....I thought I had a game plan, but guess I don't. So a NO on the Chris Lilly injection recipe? Do just apple juice, Worcestershire, and some of the rub? I am going to be soooo stressed out before it is all over with
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