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Default Need help quick getting UDS up to temp

I wanted to try out the Orange Siracha wing recipe today. I read the post about the guy smoking it at 350 for an hour indirect. So I put a almost full chimney of kingsford onto my basket of lump. I then put my bottom grate on that was covered about 80% in foil. I then put my chicken on the top grate then put the thermometer above the hole on the top grate on the opposite side.

Problem is even with all 4 inlets that are 3/4 inch I cannot get it to get up to 300 let alone 350

I started up another chimney of kingsford and maybe I will just try to grill them indirect on the kettle.

I have no way to separate the coals do you think I could just put some wads of foil in the bottom so they don't roll around?
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