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I'm glad I saw this thread. The thermosteel idea looks good but what if you've got a larger hole? I've got an old grill with a large 6" x 6" area on the bottom that's rusted out. I could poke a hole through it with my finger at this point but have held off for the sake of "one last cook" etc. This has stretched out for a couple of months and I am worried that soon I'll have coals falling out the bottom.

I like this particular grill and I think that I would like to patch it, but I am not sure what to use as a patch. Home Depot has some 12" x 12" stainless steel that's thin enough to bend; could I cut it to size and then form it to cover the bottom of my grill? The bottom has a slight curve but nothing that I couldn't fit/form with a mallet and a little time.
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