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I like to use EVOO, corse crushed sea salt and medium crushed black pepper.

Reverse sear @ reasonably high heat (last one I did was 305) with a couple peices of oak smoking on the edge of the hot coals go till 110 indirect with the cover on. pull steaks, I don't cover because I want to slow the cooking process so they don't over cook during the sear. Then I let the coals get searing hot. Steaks on, rotate 30 degrees for proper sear marks, flip, rotate pull at 124 degrees IT depending the thickness thicker pull slightly colder it will continue cooking and be at 130 mid-rare perfect. This is time managment and thermapen contest. Do a couple cheaper cuts to pratice and get the timing down because it cooks for about 5-7 more mins after it is pulled.

You are in Texas, known for it's love of simple and hot, you may wish to add a small amout of cyanne pepper to the EVOO a day or 2 before to allow the oil to pick up the cayanne pepper flavor but not over power the meat. If I were going in to win I would use Prime Black Angus and ensure it is properly aged. I know alot of people say waigu, and I won't say waigu is not without it's merits but waigu is so expensive because it has to be imported for the most part so your selection of this crazy expensive meat is more limited than of Black Angus. You will probably need to cook some Q for your butcher to get the right steaks.
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