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Default First grad party

Helping a friend out for their sons graduation party. Nothing crazy but it will be my largest cook on the new lang.

Feeding 30 heavy eaters and she wants to have some leftovers so my numbers are looking like

9 Racks of STL Ribs. I figure some will eat 3 bones, some will eat 4
15lb brisket, everyone gets 8ozs of sliced

She also wants chicken thighs and legs
I figured everyone gets 1 leg 1 thigh plus Ill cook a few extra so
45 thighs and 45 drums.

She wants to eat around 3-4pm. I would like to be done cooking by 2 as my plan to build in some extra time. I just need to figure out ball park cook times.

I like to cook brisket at 325* or so, Ribs at 275 and Chicken 325 also but those are some big variables to do in this cook. Ive messed around with my Lang 84 enough to get different heat zones. I have about 8-9hours of site time before eating which isn't exactly ideal. My top upper rack closest to the firebox will usually be around 315* if I keep my opposite end lower rack at 275*. So hopefully I can cook my brisket for the duration of the cook on the upper rack at 315*, ribs on opposite end lower rack at 275*. For the last hour of the cook I will have have the ribs off and I can crank the heat up for the chicken and place them on the top rack and drop the brisket down. Regardless that only gives me 7 hours of cook time for the brisket which is really cutting it close in my eyes and only leaves me with 1hr rest.

Any tips from you guys? How do my food numbers seem? Thanks for the help!
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