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Default Help with an award winning steak

Headed down to south Texas this weekend to an IBCA cook off, they have a T-Bone as one of the categories for GC. Why a t-bone I have no idea other than who ever had that idea is a bone head too lmao. I say that because the two sides of the bone are totally different steaks in texture so how do you know which side each judge is going to taste?, in addition some teams turn in porter houses but again that one little piece wont be enough for a whole preliminary round so not a good idea imo plus although the rules state 1" I have seen some teams turn in 1 1/2 or a little thicker and the HJ accepts it anyway should be all the same and ribeyes imo, oh well rant over.
I put it in this part of the forum because steaks are not normally part of a comp much less part of the gc so wanted input from a bigger crowd that does cook steaks, dont do them often myself. Have tried McCormicks and every other name brand steak rubs and some big name comp champs steak rubs too in with no luck placing at that event over the years, my last thing to try I guess is just salt n pepper. Already have some prime tb's aging in my dedicated fridge.
thanks, for any advice or input.
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