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Default a little cabinet smoker help please

I recently built a cabinet style smoker out of hardie backer concrete board. I'm trying to get pics but email is acting up at the moment. The inside total size is 17"x25"x43". If i dont put any heat sink such as water or firebricks, the temps are about 25 degrees hotter on top rack vs bottom rack for about two hours then they even out. If i put firebricks or a water pan then the temps are about 30-50 degrees hotter on bottom rack than top rack for about two hours then they even out pretty good. About 90 percent of my smoking experience is on a UDS or weber kettle.
With this new build, im a little afraid of not using water because the temps ran away from me because i don't think the door is getting a proper seal along the bottom. Since then, I did add the oven gasket around the whole door but I still don't think it's air tight. I haven't cooked in it yet but I have ran it about 5 times total to burn it out and to season it and to practice. I've never used water in a smoker before this, so my question is: is there such a thing as too much water, humidity? Should i not use water and just use fire bricks? And my next plan of attack is to cover the rack just above the charcoal with firebricks and place the water pan on top of that. A little advice would be appreciated. Thanks
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